IKEA Murphy Bed

An IKEA murphy bed is a murphy bed built by combining an IKEA furniture with a murphy bed. What normally people do is buy a DIY murphy bed kit to be installed in their bedroom and because a murphy bed kit do not offer much aesthetically, combining it with an IKEA furniture like Pax wardrobes or cabinets will improve the look a lot.


A Murphy bed is also called a fold down bed, a wall bed or a pull down bed, and it is a bed that has one end hinged to the wall so that when in use it pulls down, and when not in use it folds up and stores in a vertical position usually inside a closet of some kind. It was named after its inventor William Murphy who got patents for his invention around 1900. He did so because he lived in a one room apartment and didn’t want people seeing his bed when he was entertaining. They are great for apartment or places that are small or as a guest sleeping option that can be used as needed and then is out of the way, saving space when it is not.


Murphy Beds are becoming more popular today when people are trying to save money and so are looking at re-designing the space they already live in to suit their growing needs, rather than selling and buying something bigger. There is no need to blow up an air mattress, pull out old mattresses from storage or use a sofa bed or just have guests sleep on the couch. With a Murphy bed you can have a real bed to sleep in at night, and space and a room you can use in the day. Most do not have a box spring but instead have a wooden platform or wire mesh and the mattress itself attaches to the bed frame with some kind of strap.

DIY Murphy Bed With IKEA Furnitures

There are a large range of styles and designs out there and a good place to buy a Murphy bed from is IKEA. While there are of course other places at IKEA you can find Murphy Beds that are inexpensive but still stylish and well made. Wherever you purchase from you will probably have to be prepared to put it together yourself or have someone do it for you. Also usually Murphy Beds come as part of modular systems that you can opt to buy with it. This is known as the IKEA Pax systems and it attaches and looks like it is part of a big wall unit. You can end up with something that looks like a custom built wall unit when really it is several modules from IKEA.


Pre-made Murphy beds can also be purchased online and it is possible you can find a better deal there, though you may not get the option of additional useful modules like at IKEA. A Murphy bed can be bought and used on it its own without the extras if you would prefer. Putting them together yourself would save you some money unless you have someone handy around that can do it for you.

Another option is to look online for wall bed plans and kits and then make one yourself. There are a large number of sources there that offer all kinds of design options and you can get technical support from manufacturers of Murphy Beds if you need it, or just from looking online again. Many manufacturers themselves sell Murphy bed plans or you can look to home improvement TV shows and websites. Also check out online videos for instructional guides on building your own Murphy bed, and look at carpentry resources like magazines or books.


The DIY Ikea murphy bed project can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it depending on your skills. You will need to purchase the special mechanism that is what lets the bed open and close without much effort though. You may find that they sell plans there too. They often offer support to their customers, after all they want your project to be successful to get repeat business and so that you tell your friends what a success it was. To take on this project you would need tools, at least an intermediate level of skill with wood working and the right kind of wood and trims.